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Sketchy Tea

I’m an October Cover Girl!

I’m OFFICIALLY a Cover Girl!

According to Beyond Fashion Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Margarita Kadochnikova, Sew Sketchy has “GOT-IT-ALL.”

Last month, Margarita and Sew Sketchy sat down for their first tête-à-tête where they spoke about Sew Sketchy’s life in the fashion world, Anna Wintour, and who should be the next President of the United States.

After their tea was poured and sipped in delight, Margarita offered Sew Sketchy to be on the cover of the October issue. Moments after she uttered the question, Sew Sketchy dropped to the floor and had to be resuscitated due to her life long dream finally coming true: being on the cover of a magazine.

After her glam squad revived her with pressed tumeric juice and rose water spray, Sew Sketchy demanded everyone to pinch her because she thought she was stuck in her most favorite repetitive dream.

Margarita proceeds to ask Sew Sketchy 23 questions which you can read here!

Have a chic October everyone!


Sew Sketchy

Sketchy Tea

Um, is professional ghosting like a thing now?

I’m going to spill some real tea here. I’ve been ghosted by two brands which has put me in a position of pure disgust and confusion. I’m not going to name blame nor am I going to dish out who I’ve spoken to but it’s really rude and not cute and I wish them a lifetime of crows feet. For the record, this is not a woe is me story, this is me doing you a favor on how to handle this shit-uation if it happens to you because ghosting people tarnishes brand integrity and I’m not having any of it.

Before I dive in to this scenario and lessons I’ve learned from it, is it really that hard to say thanks but no thanks? I feel like I say it every day. I say it to a rando passing me a flyer on the street. I say it to the waiter when he’s offering me a free bread basket. I say it to my manicurist who wants to paint my nail tips with a contrasting color. I mean I say the words thank you but no thank you probably more than my own damn name. 

Since the New Year, I’ve been ghosted by 2 brands total, and I’m still so perplexed by it. Let’s take a look at what I did in one scenario followed by lessons of what I’ve learned from this shituation. 

A brand approaches me via email and wants to collaborate on social media for their newest collection. I get excited, write them back, asked them what the timeline is and what their budget was. They get back to me with a rushed timeline but no budget. They also wanted me to give them some ideas on what I can do with their newest collection. Ah! Ideas! Everyone wants them! Especially from us creatives who create, dream and think for a living.

There was still no price tag attached to this project so I took it upon myself to reply with my own price sheet which is a very detailed PDF of different packages for instagram, print, magazines, you name it. I was so eager to work with this brand that additionally I attached a creative deck of ideas of what we can do together. I get an enthusiastic reply back from them and they asked me to put a proposal together and to focus/elaborate on one of the core ideas I had. Keep in mind, in the previous email I sent them my price sheet as well. So I’m here thinking, they’re totally fine with my pricing and that this project is pretty much locked and loaded. I sent them a new deck of the proposed idea they wanted me to focus on plus a price breakdown for each scenario. One day later, two days later, pure silence.

“Well this is odd” I thought to myself. We had such a consistent email exchange due to their rushed timeline so I sent them a follow up to make sure they received the email. One week later, I still don’t hear back.

I then sent them another email following up on the projects and then still crickets. Another week goes by and I finally received an email that said: “We are currently working on the new show coming up but I will let you know ASAP on when we are moving forward with the collaboration.” I knew from this moment that this was a red flag, because they originally gave me a rushed timeline but things change all the time and I certainly wasn’t going to give up hope. I wished them luck with their preparations and basically prayed to my shaman and tried to manifest that this collaboration would eventually happen. I then continued to express interest for the next three months, following up each time to see if this was the right time to move forward with the collaboration and till this day I haven’t heard back. 

I was so crushed because I was so excited that a brand that I absolutely LOVED was interested in working with me and it really seemed like this was going to happen. So I faced the music and realized I’ve just been ghosted. 

Here are a few lessons that I think are vital in protecting yourself and being smart about collaborations that I wish I knew before this shituation. 

Lesson #1: When a brand approaches you without a timeline or a budget it is your responsibility to address that in the VERY FIRST EMAIL.

Lesson #2: When a brand approaches you and asks YOU what your ideas are, you must address the following first: Budget, to see if your time is being wasted or not. Keep in mind you have never worked with this brand so you need to gauge what you can possibly do with them and if they’re able to pay for your services. If the brand doesn’t establish a budget then you should email them with your price deck. If you don’t have a price sheet of your services then I suggest you do that now. 

Lesson #3: Do not send a creative deck of ideas unless they have signed an NDA. Go online, get an NDA made, or reach out to a lawyer to have them write you one because this is what protects you. NDA’s are the only thing us creatives can rely on when it come to collaborating. You do not want to be in a situation where you’ve presented something really unique and cool and then have the brand take those ideas and work with someone who is cheaper. There is a reason they are reaching out to you so remember that. You’re obviously doing something right. 

Lesson #4: Be persistent in emailing the brand, you have no idea what the other person on the other end is going through so don’t give up! Email them and continue to express interest in working with the brand. If you feel like your emails are too repetitive try mentioning reasons why you think you’d be a great fit by giving examples of previous collaborations and what the outcome was. I think the appropriate amount of follow ups should be three emails. But you do you!

Lesson #5: I wish I had done lesson #1-#4 because I wouldn’t have felt as used and toyed with as I did when it first happened, so please learn from my own mistakes!

Look, I’m a millennial with chic manners and morals and I don’t know care what age you are but you don’t need a college degree to simply respond with “we appreciate your time and efforts but we’re not interested at the moment.”

Karma is a real bitch and she knows your address. Treat others the way you want to be treated in life and in business, that’s all. 

I hope my lessons will spare you from professional heartbreak! Have any of you been ghosted?  I would love to hear your stories. 


The Creator of Sew Sketchy



Dear my beloved guests, stylists, and glam squads,

You officially have 24 hours to get your shit together.

I want you to take a moment to light some sage and wave it around your vision board in counter clock wise motions at least 100 times and envision your most beautiful selves while chanting “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé. If you or your glam squad did not prepare a vision board already then I will pray for you.

Whether you wish to manifest something big, like getting a smile out of me, or something small like winning best dressed, it is up to you.

I am so pleased to see so many of you prepping your skin to get your Met Gala glow on point. Remember the paparazzi’s can’t capture your inner beauty so please keep that in mind.

I want to briefly touch upon the importance of your feng shui energy maps since we really need you to harmonize with the Met Gala’s surroundings. Tonight, it is CRUCIAL for you to place your outfits in the south point of your homes in order for the clothes themselves to generate the “fame” shui. It is vital for the front part of the entire outfit to face the north point which magnifies and boosts your careers. That is if you still want one by Tuesday.

If you are reading this sans a hydrating mask on and without a tumeric tea in hand then I suggest we do something about that since we all know how much inflammation thrills me. 

Please get at least 10.5 hours of sleep tonight and don’t forget to read your bibles. And by bibles, I mean Vogue. 

Don’t disappoint me.




Nanna’s Met Gala Letter to all the Attendees

Dear my gorgeous guests, 

We are now entering the final week of Met Gala preparations and I expect you to be the best versions of yourselves this coming Monday May 6th, 2019. This year’s theme: “Fashion: Notes on Camp” based on Susan Sontag’s text is about the exaggeration of one’s self. For those of my fashionista’s who still don’t understand what camp means, I want you to imagine a woman walking around in a dress made of four billion feathers going to her local bodega to buy a pack of gum. It’s an exaggerated fantasy that I want you to transform into. “The whole point of Camp is to dethrone the serious. Camp is playful, anti-serious.” but don’t come looking like a joke.

This week I want you to only focus on outer beauty. The paparazzi’s can’t capture your inner beauty so please keep that in mind. I want you to call your dermatologists, cosmetologists, hair stylists, masseuses, life coaches, personal trainers, chefs, and therapists to make sure you see them at least 3 times each this week. If you happen to have room for them to live at your homes, that would be preferable. Another suggestion would be to consult your make up artists every day until next Monday on what looks you’re going for this year. Please ask them to sleep with a picture of your faces next to their bed so that they can manifest only the best versions of you. 

Do not, I repeat do not, get any fake tans, fillers, or lip injections this week, you’re too late if you haven’t done so already. These things take time to heal and process and I don’t want to see any wtf happened to her face on the red carpet this year. Please spare me the gasp. 

I want you to surprise me, shock me, and make me believe you should be invited next year. I don’t want you to take this theme to the next level, I want you to take this theme to the next 10 levels after that. 

Remember, the entire world will be watching you and I will be the ultimate judge on Monday. 

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for my Met Gala Nanna Commentary which will be live on my insta-story!

Don’t let me down. 



Sketchy Advice


Here’s the deal. 

When a random brand, company, whatever they are, copies or steals your work, you should know that it’s 100000% not okay and bottom line, illegal. So many companies out there take your images off of the internet and think they have the right to take your images and use them wherever and however they please.  Trust me, after speaking to all the fraudulent companies that have stolen Sew Sketchy artwork, they all come back to me saying the same thing: “But I found it on pinterest, or I saw it on another website” Still, if the company finds your images on pinterest, in an article, facebook, or on the god damn floor or in garbage, they are STILL not in the LEGAL right to use your work or reproduce your work with out your consent. So it’s important to know that you are protected because anything you create is your intellectual property and no-one else’s. 

To give you peace of mind that if this does happen to you here is what you should do:

  • Find a Lawyer. Having a lawyer, or friends who are lawyers, can help you tremendously, because ultimately lawyers instill a HUGE fear in these companies. The brands you see in the images above are all small companies and they obviously don’t want any trouble in dealing with lawyer fees and all that comes with it. (Fun Fact: You are entitled to any profit a company makes based on selling your stolen works of art! Isn’t that neat?)

  • If you don’t have the means to have a lawyer, then put these companies on blast on your social channels. Have your community that you’ve built lean in and help you report their fraudulent actions which also instills a huge fear and they end up 99% always taking down your work on their social platforms and website.

  • In addition to not having a lawyer here’s another thing you can do: google a “Cease and Desist” template, fill it out yourself with your name, company, etc. Sign it as the CEO or OWNER and send it to them by DM, email, and in any means possible. This will also help your case in that stealing your work is illegal and shows that you will not back down. It’s important to constantly make these efforts to protect yourself. 

  • IF you do have companies stealing your artwork, it’s important to screen shot every single thing they’ve stollen and keep a saved folder on your phone or wherever you store your important documents. This is key because it’s crucial for you as an artist to check in on these brands and see months later if they’ve used your images, again.

I am honestly, incredibly sick and tired of this pattern. Is it so hard for a brand to reach out to us and collaborate ? Or ask for a licensing agreement? Most companies who steal Sew Sketchy artwork have responded in these 3 ways: 

1. They’re either super combative and DM Sew Sketchy with defamatory remarks. 

2. They take it down immediately because they are terrified of all the efforts I’ve made to make sure I will proceed with legal action. 

3. Ask if they can buy the artwork. But why would I ever sell my artwork to a brand that stole in the first place? It’s important to work with brands who have integrity and a positive brand ethos. 

I hope my tips can help you as I see so many artists constantly being ripped off world wide. The fashion illustration community is a small one, but it’s a powerful one. Alert your own fans, supporters, followers to always keep an eye out open for you, since this is the only way I find out when a brand steals my work. It’s vital to stick together and support artists always. I love my community that I’ve built for the past few years and I thank you all for alerting me always when you see Sew Sketchy on products! The second I launch clothing or accessories then you all would be the FIRST to know. Love you all! 



Five weeks ago I launched a free Sew Sketchy coloring page on my instagram for digital downloads and print out’s to my followers thinking only a hand full of people would be interested in participating.

What started out as a line drawing quickly became a creative escape that connected us from all around the globe and unified artists to give them a bit of joy, imagination, and fantasy. The emotional reaction to these coloring pages during a time like this have been incredibly sentimental to those needing a fun distraction.

Ever since Sew Sketchy’s inception on instagram, people have always looked at this aspirational character as someone who provides them with an abundance of fashion focused entertainment. However today, I’ve given them the opportunity to participate in creating her in their own way and adding their own personal visions to her story.

I am incredibly impressed by how many completed coloring pages I’ve been receiving from my fans on a daily basis and ultimately each time they complete one they end up wanting more.

Every week I give other artists, creatives, or people who just do this for fun, a chance to be featured on my instagram. What started out as 20 submissions a week, has now grown to over 50 submissions a week.

If you’d like to participate in the #sewsketchycoloringchallenge click here for digital download and click here for print outs.

I’m amazed by all of this talent from all corners of the globe and I love staying connected with you all through coloring!




Is it just me? Or are these the chicest gallery walls you have ever seen? I LOVE seeing Sew Sketchy artworks in your home and how you incorporated them with your current gallery collection. Gallery walls are the best form of self expression and truly shows your amazing personalities. I’ve been creating my own gallery walls ever since I could hold a paint brush and they’re honestly my favorite part of any one’s home. Ever since came to fruition it was a unanimous decision to create a like-minded art community using #mysewsketchy ! I’m so grateful to all of you who have purchased Sew Sketchy artwork and can’t begin to express how much joy you guys bring to my life! I mean, is it too forward of me to ask if I can come over and have a kiki with you in your homes to see these walls for myself?

Upload your artwork on any social channels tagging @Sew_Sketchy and use #mysewsketchy so we can feature you on our website and on our social platforms! I thank you from the bottom of my heart to include Sew Sketchy in your art collection and for supporting a young artist!

Love you all!


Sketchy Tea



Ever since I’ve launched my e-commerce store, many people have approached me asking me why I’m selling 123 prints of my limited edition collection. The simple reply has been: “It’s my lucky number”. After many inquisitive conversations, I’ve decided to share the more complex and mystical side of why 123 is my lucky number.

Look, I know this is going to sound crazy, and I fully admit it is crazy, but I see the number 123 every day and it follows me around like it’s trying to tell me something.

Do I know what that “something” is yet? No. I don’t. And I’m not sure if I’m ready to start consoling shamans, fortune tellers or feng shui masters about it because I love the mystery of what this number means.

Have you ever seen the movie Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain? Well if you did, you would understand why I was hysterically crying at the end! (Because Matthew was trying to communicate with Jessica her entire life through numbers while he was up in space trying to save the world.) Omg, chills.


Let me paint my 123 picture for you so that you fully understand what I mean. I grew up in New York, and my house number 123. Pause, I know you might run to the conclusion that this is why I’m obsessed with that number, but no, this 123 shituation gets really, real.

I never saw or noticed the number 123 unless I was pulling up in front of my house. But then something changed. And I mean drastically changed.

There came to a point where there were too many weird signs and coincidences that made me actually notice the number 123. It would honestly come out of nowhere, I can’t control when or how I see it, but somehow I would end up seeing it at the most random times, in the most bizarre places, every single day!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of Rosé, I don’t know what timezone you’re reading this in, but trust me, you’ll need it.

Let’s say I would be strolling down Madison Avenue, or any avenue, or any street and I would look up, and see the number 123 on a building. Or I would look down at my phone and see what time it was and it would be 1:23pm. This happens all the time.

Let me throw you another bone, I’m listening to a song on my phone and I would see that it was 1:23 minutes in out of 4:26.

The other day, my laundry bill came in for exactly $123.00. Don’t asked me what I dry cleaned, but my clothes are my children.

Recently, I got a new credit card where the expiration date is 1/23. Last week when I landed from traveling, as we were pulling into the gate, I shit you not, I saw from the window that we were pulling into gate 123.

I’m talking street signs, credit card statements, license plates, train times, price tags, calorie count, what’s left on my venmo, restaurant bills, you name it, I’ve seen it. 123 follows me everywhere.

…are you freaking out yet?

I’m not even done with these weird coincidences but what do you think this means? Every time I see the number I make a wish and thank the universe for everything it has given to me.

The number never comes in a moment of worry, rather it always appears in a moment of joy. Because this number appears while I’m in a state of content, I believe that this number is a positive sign rather than a negative.

To make you literally jump off your little tush, I’ll tell you an even crazier 123 story!

My fiancé proposed to me right after my birthday. YASSS I’m engaged! He proposed in Hong Kong on the most magical boat ride I have ever been on. I’ll maybe write a blog post about it, but the story on how he did it is irrelevant right now, what is relevant is when he did it.

So a couple of days later we were meeting my family and friends in Courchevel in the french alps, which you know is my slice of heaven, and someone asked us when we got engaged. So my fiancé and I look at each other and go wait was it Tuesday? Or Wednesday? We were in such a fog of love and excitement that we literally looked at each other and at the time went “OMFG you proposed on Tuesday which was the 12th of March.”

12/3 is my engagement date. He didn’t even realize that he was proposing on the 12th of March!

So! Due to the fact that 123 is my lucky number I’ve decided to sprinkle this luck to my customers because every single Sew Sketchy print has a number out of 123. I want whatever blessings 123 has given me to be shared to you too!

Would love to hear if you have a lucky number and what it means to you!


You’re crazy bestie,

Sew Sketchy



Dear my gorgeous guests,

As I currently flip through the Met Gala archives that Grace lovingly put together for me, I realize that there are many do’s and faux pas that I must address before the big day. 

Over the past couple of Met Gala years there have been those who stand out, and those who should go home and change. Now more than ever we need you to take a stance in Fashion. I want you to ask yourselves, and perhaps consult a shaman, guru or Chinese healer: “Who am I in Fashion and what do I want to say about Fashion?” I want to hear this message loud and clear when you hit every pose on that red carpet. Each time the paparazzi camera flashes, I want to feel as if you are shouting from the Himalayan mountains, THIS-IS-FASHUN. Okrrruu!

There is a reason why this year’s Met Gala theme is about “camp”. And if you still think that “camp” means summer camp in the Berkshires then please don’t bother showing up at all.

Unfortunately we are currently living in a time where originality is becoming a bit of a dying habit. I’m not saying originality isn’t still apparent, because it certainly is thanks to all of our hard working designers, but it’s not as common as it used to be in regards to the consumer. The term “basic” is a word I hear thrown around in the intern cubicles far too often and it paralyzes my entire core, but not in a botox-y way, more like in a cardiac arrest way.

We need you to literally be the most of the most, the creme de la creme. I don’t want to see whats in today. Nor do I want to see what will be in tomorrow. I want to see what will be SO new that that the internet breaks because you have started the next fashion chapter. I want you to channel your most outrageous selves. I’m thinking Marie Antoinette on the day she feels glutinous. I’m thinking Elizabeth Taylor maxing out her credit cards on diamonds after she divorces her 6th husband. I’m thinking Iris Apfel after she layers her 100th bangle on her arm. Do you get where I’m going with this? 

I want the lines to be so blurred that in fact, I don’t even want to see a definitive line. I want to see shapes. 

Don’t disappoint me. 




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