Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding Guests

Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding Guests

Oh my god, so what did we think of this extravaganza!? I was totally overwhelmed the entire time and was trying my very hardest not to blink or breathe so that I wouldn’t miss a single second of the most important day of the year. But then it happened, Amal came onto the screen and I literally choked and gasped for air. Is it just me or did the entire world just stop when the Clooneys made their appearance?

Amal Clooney in Stella McCartney was a true vision.  I swear to god that yellow was made for her. I’m sure the color makers in the Pantone lab looked at Amal’s complexion and were like this blend of yellow needs to be on her.  She looked so good, perhaps too good, that you almost would never ever want her at your own wedding because all of the attention would be taken off of you and focus solely on her, you know what I mean? The day before the wedding, I didn’t own one piece of yellow clothing.  Actually I have a Hanky Panky panty that’s bright yellow but that doesn’t count. However I am happy to announce that Net-a-porter just alerted me that they are shipping my entire yellow Spring/Summer wardrobe via Natalie Massanet’s  personal jet which is fab. So thanks Natty, I owe you one!

Let’s talk about Kitty Spencer in Dolce & Gabbana. I’ve actually never heard of Kitty Spencer until the day of the wedding and luckily my British friend gave me the whole lowdown on who she is. I loved everything about this look. Her hat, her veil, the make up, the diamonds, the dress and bag, just worked to perfection. Once I took a closer look at her veil, I texted my milliner immediately and asked if she could make me one in every color before all my summer weddings. I have only about 43 weddings this summer and I want to be the first to pull off this look post Royal Wedding. Also side note, if any one knows who her cosmetologist and dermatologists are please email me right away. I need a little summer refresher and I’m open to new doctors.

Serena Williams in Versace, was a bit controversial on my instagram stories. Some people loved it, some hated it, but I actually really enjoyed seeing this British tea party side to her. She also just looks so happy, fresh and beautiful! I’m so used to seeing her in athleisure and I loved how she was able to pull of such a girly look. Her make up was absolutely flawless and her fascinator fascinated me. If I were to point out one thing that I would have changed was her necklace. It clashed a bit with her neckline and I almost feel like she either needed my grandmothers diamond choker or nothing at all. Right?

Priyanka Chopra in Dior was the best after party look. The asymmetrical drape that’s going on in the front and the back of the dress is something every one is going to ask their seamstress to re create. The perfectly tailored waistline and movement of this dress was cut by a professional and Dior never disappoints.  I also loved her bomb shell blow out, she really knew how to work it and was totally gone with the wind fabulous. I’m taking this photo with me the next time my puppy gets a blowout as a reference photo.


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Who were your favorite looks?


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  1. Niko
    May 27, 2018 / 8:27 pm

    I adore your artwork!

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