Sew Sketchy Lands in Hong Kong

Sew Sketchy Lands in Hong Kong

My Shaman told me to go on a fashion hiatus and find my inner spiritual force and power animal. He shook a rattle over my head and decided Asia is where I would find it.

Sew SketchyWhen I first landed in Hong Kong I could already feel the humidity in the Air…Port.

My pores were into it and I could immediately feel the effects of the Dior hydration cream I lathered on earlier during my 16 hour flight from New York. Which was shamazing. Not the flight, the cream.

Have you ever done the direct flight from NY-Hong Kong? You either have to be in a wine induced coma, or have every single episode of Real Housewives pre downloaded, plus loads of sour patch kids, which in my case, I do all of the above.

The shlep was real.

Sew Sketchy

The second I landed, I put on my fresh from the runway Prabal Gurung dress and decided to go have a kiki somewhere cute. And air-conditioned.

But then the jet lag kicked in…

I woke up with some kind of animal printed snail serum mask that was half on my face and half on my iPhone. I can’t even describe to you the smell, but honestly half of my face looked great, so it was worth it.  I wasn’t exactly sure how or why I decided to apply this mask whilst being in a jet lag fog, but my Shaman cutely sent me a “Welcome to Hong Kong” basket reminding me that I’m not here to kiki, I’m here to find my power animal…

Well at least I know I’m not snail.


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  1. Myriam Gumuchian-Schreiber
    April 23, 2018 / 4:26 pm

    You are so funny!

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