You may recognize her; she’s the woman who invented chic, always has her sunnies on and has never seen a split end in her life because her hair dresser is on call every Friday at 3pm. She is goals.

I know Nanna more than most, and that’s because she’s my fashion nanna. She birthed me in some way and luckily gave me an internship at Vogue in the accessories department when I was just a little fashion toddler. Back in those days they sent a car service for all of my errands which I found to be incredible chic and thoughtful. It was the era of the Balenciaga gladiator wedge and those things were almost impossible to walk in for more than 3 blocks. So luckily I was always in an air conditioned car, sipping my skinny ice latte, and chatting with my driver Ramone who had some real chauffer T.

Nanna is legendary for many reasons but mostly because I think of her as this kind of fashion dinosaur that has been around so many fashion era’s. She tells me stories about sitting in the whispering chairs at Bergdorfs while having Jardin Bleu tea and firing waiters for not serving her on the correct side. Which personally I don’t blame her for.

Recently she’s been very vocal about the red carpet. Like the actual carpet, like where it’s from and what color rouge it should be. But as you’ve seen on my insta-stories (if you haven’t seen, go on my insta page in the “highlights” section to check it out) she’s been having these amazing recaps and judgments about what people are wearing to the biggest fashion events. She’s right 100% of the time, and people are now comparing these highlights to a better, more modern, more fun, fashion police! Well, At least that’s what my fans say.

Nanna is already preparing for the Met Gala in ways you can’t even imagine. In April and May she gets New York city itself prepped. Like I’m pretty sure she gets uber heli’s to sprinkle some kind of cleanser into the air so that the city itself is ready for the Met Gala. I mean try getting a facial appointment at Mario Badescu in April/May and they’ll literally laugh over the phone, in Russian. I’ve made that mistake once, so now when I do actually want to get a facial I have to fly to Hong Kong.

Because of her super powers, she is able to control everyone who not only goes to the Met Gala but the team behind the guests who are attending the event. For example, she has informed every make up stylist to not over bronze her guests like a particular person that rhymes with Shmelina Shmomez. Sorry I hate to name drop, so rhyming will have to do.

I’m excited to see what everyone will be wearing this year, especially since this year’s theme is a little unclear, but Nanna will be there for you guys reporting live from the event. So make sure you tune into my insta-stories to see some praising and mental breakdowns!


My Fave Haute Couture Spring 2018 Shows


Here’s the deal. I love Haute Couture week more than anything in life. I love it more than a sample sale. I love it more than a first class suite on the new Emirates Boeing 777. I love it more than a fresh-out-of-the box BIRKIN.

Watching each haute couture show allows my mind to wander into a place it’s never been to before. I always relate to Alice when she gets to wonderland. Like I am literally Alice.

Witnessing the element of surprise during each show leaves me in total awe and gives me this child-like reaction as if I just saw a magician doing a mind boggling trick.

I continue to develop a deeper appreciation for each designer especially when we get to witness their fantasy side, not just their commercial side.  Haute couture week is about showcasing pure imagination and bringing us all into a different realm of fantasy.

The intricate detail and wow factor each designer brings to the table is what I look forward to the most. What’s really amazing is the idea of keeping the tradition of hand-making a garment in today’s world.  It’s just so special to know that haute couture is all hand-made and that this is fashion’s ONE exception of sticking true to a tradition when fashion is all about pushing the needle forward.

You have to be a true visionary or magician or artist to create this level of high fashion and art. I’m convinced that Karl Lagerfeld is an actual magician. I literally don’t know how he does it, but I do know that Choupette has all the answers.


Here is a round up of some of my favorite Haute Couture looks!


Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding Guests


Oh my god, so what did we think of this extravaganza!? I was totally overwhelmed the entire time and was trying my very hardest not to blink or breathe so that I wouldn’t miss a single second of the most important day of the year. But then it happened, Amal came onto the screen and I literally choked and gasped for air. Is it just me or did the entire world just stop when the Clooneys made their appearance?

Amal Clooney in Stella McCartney was a true vision.  I swear to god that yellow was made for her. I’m sure the color makers in the Pantone lab looked at Amal’s complexion and were like this blend of yellow needs to be on her.  She looked so good, perhaps too good, that you almost would never ever want her at your own wedding because all of the attention would be taken off of you and focus solely on her, you know what I mean? The day before the wedding, I didn’t own one piece of yellow clothing.  Actually I have a Hanky Panky panty that’s bright yellow but that doesn’t count. However I am happy to announce that Net-a-porter just alerted me that they are shipping my entire yellow Spring/Summer wardrobe via Natalie Massanet’s  personal jet which is fab. So thanks Natty, I owe you one!

Let’s talk about Kitty Spencer in Dolce & Gabbana. I’ve actually never heard of Kitty Spencer until the day of the wedding and luckily my British friend gave me the whole lowdown on who she is. I loved everything about this look. Her hat, her veil, the make up, the diamonds, the dress and bag, just worked to perfection. Once I took a closer look at her veil, I texted my milliner immediately and asked if she could make me one in every color before all my summer weddings. I have only about 43 weddings this summer and I want to be the first to pull off this look post Royal Wedding. Also side note, if any one knows who her cosmetologist and dermatologists are please email me right away. I need a little summer refresher and I’m open to new doctors.

Serena Williams in Versace, was a bit controversial on my instagram stories. Some people loved it, some hated it, but I actually really enjoyed seeing this British tea party side to her. She also just looks so happy, fresh and beautiful! I’m so used to seeing her in athleisure and I loved how she was able to pull of such a girly look. Her make up was absolutely flawless and her fascinator fascinated me. If I were to point out one thing that I would have changed was her necklace. It clashed a bit with her neckline and I almost feel like she either needed my grandmothers diamond choker or nothing at all. Right?

Priyanka Chopra in Dior was the best after party look. The asymmetrical drape that’s going on in the front and the back of the dress is something every one is going to ask their seamstress to re create. The perfectly tailored waistline and movement of this dress was cut by a professional and Dior never disappoints.  I also loved her bomb shell blow out, she really knew how to work it and was totally gone with the wind fabulous. I’m taking this photo with me the next time my puppy gets a blowout as a reference photo.

Who were your favorite looks?


“M” is for Met Gala


For the record I loathe a themed party. I hate Halloween, Toga parties, Hawaiian Luau’s, let’s all dress in a ridiculous costume and look terrible together party, any themed party, is a NO for me. Having said that, the one and ONLY themed event that is acceptable in my book, is the Met Gala. Why is that? Well, because it is curated by one of the only people I trust with taste, Anna Wintour, and it’s theatrical, inspiring, creative and not tacky. Anna Wintour announces a theme and then all of the designers create looks that are inspired by that theme. The Met Gala unifies the designers under one umbrella having them showcase their talents under Anna’s vision. It’s like a gigantic Parsons project, that you only have one or two months to complete. Then the designers debut their creations on their muses at the Met Gala which is their moment to show how they interpreted the theme. Once they hit the red carpet, we get to  Ooh and Ahh at what the designers came up with. Critiquing is my favorite part of any red carpet, but this one in particular is an absolute favorite because it’s the only time designers get to be really dramatic. And I mean reallydramatic. The one thing I wish the Met Gala did during their dinner was an award ceremony consisting of a variety “best dressed” categories. Since no such thing exists I’ve decided to create three categories of my own: “Best Interpretation of Theme”, “Best Dressed Couple”, and “Most Dramatic”. This years theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” so with out further adieu, here are my winners!

Best Interpretation of Theme award goes to Gigi Hadid in Versace. She was a true vision. It was the right amount of creativity showcasing Donatella’s inspiration of stained glass windows commonly seen in churches. Her hair had a 1950’s flip and was bobby pinned on either side, accentuating her truly angelic face. The fit of this dress was tailored to perfection; giving her the perfectly synched waist she deserves to show off. The seams on this dress created youthful lines that scattered along her body. I loved the asymmetrical top and the styling of this look; leaving her elegant collar bones bare of jewelry which gave the dress a moment of it’s own.

Best Dressed Couple award goes to Cardi B and Jeremy Scott in Moschino. The heavy amount of adornment on their outfits gave my eyes a purpose to see. My mouth hit my martini as I watched this sparkly duo arrive. As they took each step, blinding us with their embellished outfits, they truly made a crowning fashion statement. Speaking of crowning, I want to wear this exact outfit when I’m giving birth…not sure which PR team I need to reach out to in order to make that happen, but it will happen. Jeremy Scott hit the nail on the head with this year’s theme making them each look as if they were royalty.  She looked like the queen of the evening, didn’t she? I love the matching creme tones and burgundy stones that picked up very “Cathedral-like” hues. I love the contrast of this dress; giving her a structured and heavily stoned gown, with a soft and drapey overlay of satin that framed her belly perfectly.  Jeremy knows what he’s doing, always. I also just wanted to give a special thank you for reposting my interpretation of one my favorite fashion moments.

Most Dramatic award goes to Blake Lively in Versace. Any gown that takes up 30+ stairs as you walk up, is dramatic in my book. She looked absolutely gorgeous in this burgundy gown. I love the structured top and light weight under dress mixed with the layers upon layers of embellished satin. The drapery and the movement of this dress flowed so perfectly and made such a statement on the red carpet. She has a certain grace and is always so elegant. No matter what red carpet or fashion event, Blake Lively is the essence of Hollywood glamor.

Who were your faves?




My Fashion Spirit Animal: AdR


What I live for the most during fashion month aren’t the shows themselves but the atmosphere that surrounds the show. Of course I love nothing more than a good runway, I mean, I live for the runway, but recently I’ve been more inspired by seeing what people are wearing to the shows. I guess you can say that the streets themselves are a form of a runway and the people who roam it know how to prepare to be photographed in their perfectly styled outfits.  As we all see on our favorite bloggers insta-stories they are all going to the same shows, have similar racks of clothing from the designated designers, yet they each style themselves so uniquely, and that’s what I find to be absolutely brilliant.

God bless the street style photographers who stand outside in rain or shine or blizzard tundra to capture the perfect image of these godly fashion creatures. It’s really due to them that we get to see and discover what fashion month is all about through a totally different lens.

My number one favorite street style star is Anna Dello Russo. I’m pretty sure she’s the reason why “street style” has become such a thing during fashion week. Did she invent it? Probably.

I literally live for her insanely bold outfits and how she can pull everything off as if she created the clothes for herself.

Think about it for a second. She pairs a parka with a fully sequined jump suit and black stiletto heels. Genius, no? I would never think to do that, but now that’s all I want to wear this summer. I’m convinced Anna Dello Russo is a fashion alien and I want to be a part of her tribe. Her ability to be fearless is what created my obsession with her to begin with. She is a true visionary and wins best street style every single fashion month.



The Drawn Evolution of Giovanna Battaglia


I’m not one to look back. Mainly because I can’t bare to relive the idea that at some point I had bangs and wore turquoise eye shadow sophomore year of college. How did I have friends with such a look and why didn’t my mother tell me I looked absolutely ridiculous? I guess in my defense, I was obsessed with M.I.A and this look was super in during the New York Indie/Hipster/Why are we dressed in $1 thrift store t-shirt movement, and that was the thing to do back then, in 2010.

On one lazy afternoon as I was working on my tan and sipping on my 3rd Aperol spritz, I was scrolling through past posts of mine on instagram. Totally obsessing over myself yet analyzing every little thing that I’ve done. Scrolling back to 2014 when Sew Sketchy’s instagram launched, I was shocked, SHOCKED, to see the evolution of my drawings. Seeing your own progress in something whether it’s about your fitness journey or the stages of your bangs growing back into a suitable length, is pretty amazing and incredibly entertaining.


Giovanna Battaglia has been a part of this evolution and has played such a big roll in my daily dose of inspiration. I’ve never met her personally but I’d like to think we’re best friends. I got the chance to work with her on her gorgeous T shirt collection which validated all the years that I’ve spent drawing her. I’ve had an infatuation with her ever since I could remember. Between all the leopard prints, sequined looks, and her perfect chignon, I mean helllurr, she is ultimately goals.

For entertainment purposes ONLY, because that’s what we do here, I’ve put in order the first drawing I ever did of her all the way to the most current.


Giovanna Battaglia is my spirit animal

(First ever drawn) October 4, 2014


Giovanna wins best dressed in my book

November 4, 2014


You really need to look at your texts because I told you I was going to be wearing this look today

December 5 , 2015


Striping a pose

April 12, 2016


This is what I call fashion people!

August 5, 2016


On Wednesday’s we wear pink

September 28, 2016


Gurrrrrl, I’m telling you the uber says it’s this way

November, 2016


I’m a mess, you’re a mess, we’re a hot mess

January 17, 2017


And people wonder how we stay so thin

June 22, 2017


To be tired of leopard, is to be tired of life

September 11, 2017


This is how you fashion week

October 5, 2017


Last nights Christmas look was inspired by the nutcracker going to fashion week

December 27, 2017


My favorite color is shopping

November 27, 2017


My shaman told me to add a lesson to this story. And the lesson here is, don’t cut your own hair, and keep doing whatever it is you’re doing because you will never know the hustle until you stop and smell the roses once in a while.



If you want to conquer fear

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If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

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Hush, the babies are sleeping, the farmers, the fishers, schoolteacher, pensioners, cobbler and publican.

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Attractive Beauty

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Blonde Beauty

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