How I’m kicking the new Instagram Algorithm in the Tuchas!


During Paris fashion week, Aimee Song posted a video of her in the back of a car with Eva Chen and Shiona Turini, FLAWLESSY matching one another and just being the most. They were each dripping in hues of Purples, Pink, and Burgundy and it was just a street style fashion moment waiting to happen. And it did happen and it was perfection.

I clicked on Aimee’s video because I wanted to know how she was beating Instagram’s new algorithm. For a moment, my likes and my views on my stories were all of a sudden oddly declining. At this point I was posting once a day, or every other day, maybe 2-3 Insta stories, and was just getting really frustrated why people weren’t seeing my posts.

After watching the video I had this AH HA! Moment.

Eva Chen was right… the more content you put out there on instagram, the better. We have to post more.

She actually said it so much better, like in a Oprah way,  “I have a baby at home. I don’t feed my baby once every two days or once a week because the baby wouldn’t grow and for many people, instagram is their baby so, FEED YOUR BABY!” 

So I said to myself, ok Eva, let’s try and feed my baby (instagram is still the baby in the following scenario btw) five times a day and see what happens.

I started to post my step by step drawing process on my insta-stories, roughly around 8 videos on average, 1 post per day, and was slowly getting back on track.

Then I learned that you also have to be more engaging on instagram as well. So additionally to uploading stories and posts, I had to like and comment on other people’s photos to add to my engagement rate.

However, if I just posted a photo on instagram without any stories, it wouldn’t get as many likes as the others.

I was literally testing every possible instagram scenario and then I finally got my “You get a Like! and You get a Like!” Oprah moment:

So this is how I’m kicking the new Instagram Algorithm in the Tuchas:

I post my entire process on my insta-stories (roughly 8-12), then I post a photo, I also like, comment, and reply to all of my fabulous and gorgeous fans et voila! Insta-GOLD!

I hope my mad scientist approach to this was helpful to you as it is to me!



A Letter to My Mother


You know what’s really interesting? My mother loves Mothers Day but now hates her birthday. When I wished her “Happy Birthday” literally three weeks before Mothers Day, she let out a deep sigh and an eye roll over the phone. I could hear her ice cubes surrounded by a body of Casa Amigos tequila clinking against each other as I belted out into song.

She told me not to post anything about her birthday, which is rare because she LOVES when I shower her with love, affection and attention. So I waited to take the opportunity to share with her and my fabulous fans a little letter to my mother for Mothers Day.  After she saw my post she was literally like:

and then like:

My mother is the most fabulous woman in the world. But she’s nuts. And amazing. But like, crazy. She’s now going through this really interesting phase where she’s decided to put a cap on her age, yet she’s nagging me for grandchildren…

However she doesn’t want to be called Grandma, granny or anything that sounds remotely ancient. So she’ll probably be pulling a Kris Jenner and call herself “Lovey” or something of that nature.

My mother continues to make me laugh to the point where my abs hurt and my Shaman suggested that I poke fun at the woman who I love the most in this world because it’ll make my third chakra shine. Or something like that.

I want to be like her when I grow up because I too want to light up any room I enter, not just with diamonds but with my poise, elegance, and glamour.

I love you Mom, I meant every word in my letter. Bergdorfs when I’m back?


Why I Switched to the iPad Pro


For many years I was shlepping around 300 copic markers wherever I went. I even purchased a carry-on suitcase specifically made to FIT ALL 300 markers. Each box set had 100 markers, and they were put in these acrylic rectangular boxes that perfectly fit in my magical suitcase. However, traveling with this in hand was not fun. I got stopped at every security check, literally everywhere in the world, and would open my suitcase showing them that these are Marrrrrkers and would grunt, eye roll, hair flip and feel totally annoyed.

(Don’t get me started on boarding a plane with this marker filled suitcase)

Since I travel a lot for work and pleasure I was feeling frustrated to shlep around all of my materials. I had no choice, since no matter where I went, I had to take all of my materials with me. I mean I can’t NOT draw, you know?

Then, the iPad pro launched and I was like, what is this thing? I went to the Apple store about ten times, spoke to countless helpful genius bar people, (who were so adorable and cute btw) and was super curious to see if I could use this tablet. I’ve never used a wacom tablet or did digital drawing before so I didn’t really know if this was right for me. I was more curious about the product for travel reasons so that I wouldn’t have to have a horrible experience each time I decided to pick up and go be fabulous somewhere.

Needless to say, as you see on my instagram, the iPad changed my life. You can literally be any kind of artist/creator you want to be on this thing. I use the procreate App on the iPad pro 12’9″ with the Apple Stylus Pen.

It’s been a total game changer for me. I’m able to really push forward my creativity and do things I could never imagine doing with just ordinary markers and pens.

This app has allowed me to broaden my drawing skills in ways I could have NEVER imagined. If you scroll through my instagram you will notice that my techniques have really advanced since I’ve been using procreate on the iPad. Personally I think it’s enabled me to move from just illustrating to actually making more of an art piece due to all of the fabulous brushes and layering I can do. Plus when it comes to making a design brief for clients, my presentations look much for professional and polished.

Plus now I can go through airport security as if I’m walking into a spa!



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