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Ever since I’ve launched my e-commerce store, many people have approached me asking me why I’m selling 123 prints of my limited edition collection. The simple reply has been: “It’s my lucky number”. After many inquisitive conversations, I’ve decided to share the more complex and mystical side of why 123 is my lucky number.

Look, I know this is going to sound crazy, and I fully admit it is crazy, but I see the number 123 every day and it follows me around like it’s trying to tell me something.

Do I know what that “something” is yet? No. I don’t. And I’m not sure if I’m ready to start consoling shamans, fortune tellers or feng shui masters about it because I love the mystery of what this number means.

Have you ever seen the movie Interstellar with Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain? Well if you did, you would understand why I was hysterically crying at the end! (Because Matthew was trying to communicate with Jessica her entire life through numbers while he was up in space trying to save the world.) Omg, chills.


Let me paint my 123 picture for you so that you fully understand what I mean. I grew up in New York, and my house number 123. Pause, I know you might run to the conclusion that this is why I’m obsessed with that number, but no, this 123 shituation gets really, real.

I never saw or noticed the number 123 unless I was pulling up in front of my house. But then something changed. And I mean drastically changed.

There came to a point where there were too many weird signs and coincidences that made me actually notice the number 123. It would honestly come out of nowhere, I can’t control when or how I see it, but somehow I would end up seeing it at the most random times, in the most bizarre places, every single day!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of Rosé, I don’t know what timezone you’re reading this in, but trust me, you’ll need it.

Let’s say I would be strolling down Madison Avenue, or any avenue, or any street and I would look up, and see the number 123 on a building. Or I would look down at my phone and see what time it was and it would be 1:23pm. This happens all the time.

Let me throw you another bone, I’m listening to a song on my phone and I would see that it was 1:23 minutes in out of 4:26.

The other day, my laundry bill came in for exactly $123.00. Don’t asked me what I dry cleaned, but my clothes are my children.

Recently, I got a new credit card where the expiration date is 1/23. Last week when I landed from traveling, as we were pulling into the gate, I shit you not, I saw from the window that we were pulling into gate 123.

I’m talking street signs, credit card statements, license plates, train times, price tags, calorie count, what’s left on my venmo, restaurant bills, you name it, I’ve seen it. 123 follows me everywhere.

…are you freaking out yet?

I’m not even done with these weird coincidences but what do you think this means? Every time I see the number I make a wish and thank the universe for everything it has given to me.

The number never comes in a moment of worry, rather it always appears in a moment of joy. Because this number appears while I’m in a state of content, I believe that this number is a positive sign rather than a negative.

To make you literally jump off your little tush, I’ll tell you an even crazier 123 story!

My fiancé proposed to me right after my birthday. YASSS I’m engaged! He proposed in Hong Kong on the most magical boat ride I have ever been on. I’ll maybe write a blog post about it, but the story on how he did it is irrelevant right now, what is relevant is when he did it.

So a couple of days later we were meeting my family and friends in Courchevel in the french alps, which you know is my slice of heaven, and someone asked us when we got engaged. So my fiancé and I look at each other and go wait was it Tuesday? Or Wednesday? We were in such a fog of love and excitement that we literally looked at each other and at the time went “OMFG you proposed on Tuesday which was the 12th of March.”

12/3 is my engagement date. He didn’t even realize that he was proposing on the 12th of March!

So! Due to the fact that 123 is my lucky number I’ve decided to sprinkle this luck to my customers because every single Sew Sketchy print has a number out of 123. I want whatever blessings 123 has given me to be shared to you too!

Would love to hear if you have a lucky number and what it means to you!


You’re crazy bestie,

Sew Sketchy


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